Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Infrared Night Vision, Two-Way Talkback, and Temperature Monitor – Long Range, Monitor Your Baby All Round the Clock, 2nd Camera is available.


Lets You Have Eyes on Your Baby Anywhere All the Time

Are you looking for a quality video baby monitor that will let you know how your baby is doing all the time? Anmeate Baby monitor with camera is just what you need. It is the perfect companion for any parent, giving you high quality video and audio up to a distance of 900 feet away. It has an automatic infrared night vision feature that still lets you clearly see your baby even in the dead of night, and a two way talk back system lets you console your baby without being there physically.

Multiple Convenient Features

If that was not all, our baby monitor is equipped with multiple features that make keeping an eye on your baby easy and convenient. These features include an alarm/timer setting, 2X digital zoom, lullabies, and the capability to work with multiple cameras.

Eco Mode Delivers Up To 12 Hours Operating Time

A smart eco mode switches the video baby monitor to standby when your baby is asleep and only switches on the camera and high color 2.4″ LCD screen when baby is awake and makes a sound louder than 53dB. You can even adjust the sensitivity level.

Reasons you are going to love this baby monitor:

  • Provides a convenient video monitoring system for your baby
  • Can connect to 4 monitors simultaneously
  • Has a high quality digital camera with infrared night vision
  • Has two-way talk back and more convenient features
  • You get 100% satisfaction guarantee with every purchase

Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and get this one of a kind video baby monitor by Anmeate. You will love the convenience it will bring to your life.

MONITOR YOUR BABY REMOTELY: Monitor your baby all round the clock with our quality video baby monitor. It has a 2.4″ color LCD display and uses 2.4GHz FHSS digital signal to provide excellent connection up to 900 feet away (open space). It even has an out-or-range warning to notify you when you are too far away.
DELIVERS CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND AND VIDEO: Enjoy stunningly clear audio and video from our two-way talk back baby monitor. It has an infrared night vision mode that ensures you still have eyes on your baby even in complete darkness. It can even pan and tilt, to give you a wider area of view.
LETS YOU TALK TO YOUR BABY: A two-way talk back feature lets you talk to your baby and soothe them even when you are not close. This helps keep your baby calm and relaxed and gives you enough time to move to your baby’s room.
BUCKET LOAD OF CONVENIENT FUNCTIONS: Our baby monitor has multiple functions that make it the best in the market. These include a temperature monitor, 2X digital zoom, a sound activated indicator, audio only mode, 4 alarm levels, and 4 lullabies. It however remains very easy to use.
HIGHLY BATTERY EFFICIENT: A smart ECO mode gives you up to 12 hours operating time from the 950mAh battery. It does this by switching the baby monitor to standby when everything is quiet, and only turns on the screen and camera on when your baby makes a sound. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

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