STEAGLE ORIGINAL Laptop Webcam Cover for your privacy – Macbook – Laptop – PC – 0.03 inch ultimate thinness

Do you want to attach low-quality, cheap plastics or magnets on your laptop?

STEAGLE webcam covers are produced by utilizing high-technology manufacturing techniques and aluminum processing approach.

It doesn’t disturb magnetically sensitive electronics (no magnets).
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Material: aluminum
Size: 0.5 inch (H) x 1.2 inch (W) x 0.8 inch (D)
Bars Distance: 0.3 inch
Compatible: Laptops, tablets, desktop (check if the product size and laptop camera lens/sensor/flash location are appropriate).
1. Please wipe the area.2. Remove the back film. Position and attach the product over the center of the camera.3. Slide it to the right when using the camera.

* Why do I have to cover my webcam?
We face a webcam every time we use a laptop. It’s possible to take videos and photos without our consent. You can find victims and news articles about webcam hacking. CEOs of social media company and a director of FBI also cover their webcam, highlighting the importance of webcam covers.
* It seems to be a little pricey. Why is it so?
It was produced using CNC (Computer Numeric Control) design where computer programming is used in prototyping and full production for cutting, carving, machining and milling aluminum.
* Doesn’t the product move side to side after it has been attached?
STEAGLE can be smoothly open and close by sliding, but it doesn’t move on its own as long as it isn’t moved through artificial means.

[Defective product]
We performed various quality inspections and able to state that 1 out of 50,000 product can be defective.

We have advanced the adhesive tape and tightened our quality control.
We commit to provide the best product experience and we greatly appreciate your feedbacks.

Thank you!

STEAGLE Co., Ltd. Customer Support[ NUMBER ONE PREMIUM WEBCAM COVER ] It is not a cheap cover. It is manufactured by the same aluminum anodizing method as A company laptop manufacturing method.
[ SAFETY (NON-MAGNETIC) ] The rail-type webcam cover has no impact on any electronic devices and eliminates any laptop problems as there is no magnetic fields.
[ INTERNATIONAL PATENT ] We hold International Patents, Design Rights and Trademark Rights. The quality of the product is guaranteed.
[ ULTIMATE THINNESS ] It is extremely thin (0.03 inch – credit card thickness) and no problem when closing your laptop.

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