SLR Digital Cameras – Why Have A SLR Digital Camera

In the modern day of point and shoot digital cameras, it has to be queried as to wherever there is any place for the SLR digital camera any more. Well for the fans of SLR rest assured as SLR cameras are still being made by companies such as Canon, Minolta and Olympus to name but a few. As you are already probably aware SLR cameras are bigger but have more options, and for this reason SLR cameras tend to be more expensive than point and click ones. But what exactly is an SLR camera

SLR stands for single-lens reflex. This means that the composition and metering as well as the actual film exposure are being done through a single lens. Another way that these types of camera are known is TTL (through-the-lens). As cameras go, SLR has been the favored type used by professional photographers for decades. The reason for this is that SLR cameras offer a direct view between your eye and the target of your pictures, which ensures a photo reflecting your vision. One thing that you do have to be wary of though is that, unlike the old fashioned more robust film versions, digital SLR cameras are quite sensitive and easily broken .. The reason for this is because there are a lot more electronic components to a digital SLR camera than there were on film cameras, and once these are damaged, you probably will need to get a replacement, although repairs may be possible. But do not let that deter you from buying one, as if you look after it properly then the vast majority of digital SLR cameras sold work perfectly well for a long time, and give you good quality images for years to come.

One of the qualities and even an advantage of using a digital SLR camera, is that it is generally easier and faster to shoot and it promises to be more flexible than a normal camera. This is because it generally allows you to be able to change your lens as a feature. And quite often with digital SLR you will get an auto focus feature. This feature enables automatic focusing and will help to give you superb image quality even in situations with low light availability. If you really push the boat out and invest in a really professional digital SLR then you will find that these use the best sensors the camera manufacturer can produce, resulting in exceptionally clear, vibrant images. But even if you just get a standard camera, you will find that the lenses made for SLR cameras are generally of a higher quality than those found in most point and shoot cameras, so you are always going to get a better final image.

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