SimpLenz 5 in 1 Clip On Phone Lenses | Cellphone Camera Kit For iPhone, Samsung Galaxy & Most Smartphones & Tablets | Fun Photography With Universal Fish Eye, Wide Angle, CPL, & Macro Clip-on Lens

Take Awesome Pictures Without The Bulky Professional Equipment!

There’s no reason to carry around a heavy and bulky camera to take fast, fun, beautiful photos – simply!

With this 5-in-1 lens kit you won’t have to! Just carry the lenses in their small & compact carrying case wherever you go.

Pick the lens you need for every occasion and take photos, that compared to your current setup, are simply matchless!

Front Or Back Camera? Doesn’t Matter! Take Epic Shots No Matter What!

The SimpLenz phone clip-on lenses, attach to nearly every smartphone and tablet to provide a unique photographic experience!

And the best part? The soft rubber clip will not scratch or damage your mobile device in any way!

Here’s A Quick Preview Of The SimpLenz Enhanced Photo Capabilities:

• Fish Eye Lens: Take unique & personalized rounded images instead of square ones!
• 2-in-1 Macro & Wide Angle Lens: Capture larger landscapes, or large groups of people when you use both lenses together, or get super close to objects and pick up details you’d usually miss with the macro lens alone!
• Circular Polarized Lens (CPL): Reduce reflections, enhance colors and increase contrast!
• Telephoto Lens: Zoom in really close with a 2x optical magnification!

So What Are You Waiting For? Get This 5-In-1 Lens Kit And Unleash Your Creativity!

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SIMPLE TO UP YOUR PHOTO GAME: You don’t need to be a professional photographer to grab epic photos. All you need is a kit of various lenses that attach to your cell phone and do all the work for you! In fact, this 5-in-1 lens kit is compatible with most smartphones & tablets so you don’t have to worry about picking the right one!
ENDLESS PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES: Want to shoot fun circular pictures? Use the fisheye lens! Want to shoot landscapes or group pictures? Use the wide-angle lens (paired with the macro lens)! How about small objects and details? Just use the macro lens! The CPL lens reduces glare and makes colors pop! The telephoto lens will get you closer to the action. Whatever the occasion may be, the SimpLenz kit has got you covered!
ONE CASE TO CARRY ALL YOUR LENSES: Perfect for your vacations or weekend getaways, this 5-in-1 lens kit comes with its own carrying case which is compact and lightweight and bound to enhance your photo-creative spirit! Plus, you also get a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean your lenses without scratching or damaging them in any way!
UNPARALLELED QUALITY & DESIGN: These 5-in-1 lens are all made of premium & lightweight aluminium alloy frames and the actual lens are made of advanced optical glass that minimizes lens glare, reflection & ghosting for superb clarity. You will truly be impressed!
100% EPIC SHOTS OR YOUR MONEY BACK: We take full responsibility if you are not totally pleased with your lens kit, for any reason whatsoever! In fact, we can guarantee that your photos will be on a whole different level and if they are not, we’ll be more than happy to give you your money back! This offer extends to lenses purchased directly from Simply Better Goods only, not unauthorized resellers.

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