SanDisk 32GB Class 4 SDHC Memory Card, Frustration-Free Packaging- SDSDB-032G-AFFP (Label May Change)

.auto-style1 { font-family: “Times New Roman”; font-size: 12pt; color: #000000; } • 32 GB storage capacity • Speed performance rating: Class 4 • 4 MB/s transfer rate • Compatible with SDHC devices only • Non-volatile solid-state • Low battery consumption • Built-in write protection switch This memory card will only work with SDHC devices, not all devices support the SDHC card format. Please consult your device’s manufacturer or manual for compatibility. Product Requirements: • Device with an SDHC slotCards include security feature for protection of copyrighted data
SD cards are fully compatible with all SD-compliant devices
Speed performance rating: Class 4 (based on SD 2.0 Specification)
Writeable label for easy identification and organization
5-year limited warranty

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