Purple Safety Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio, Night Vision, Long Range, Temperature, Large LCD Screen, Two Way Talk, Built-in Lullabies, Baby Video Monitor

Need to work but still want to be able to check on your baby?

Being a parent is not all smiles and cuddles. It involves hard work and patience. So, when you feel like you need to get an extra wink or complete some other tasks that do not involve the baby, you deserve the time to do so.

Whether you plan to hire a nanny to look after your child or not, you must monitor your infant, especially when he is in a different part of the house. This way, you are able to work or do chores without compromising the safety of your precious one.

The Purple Safety Video Baby Monitor gives you the peace of mind that your baby is safe all the time!

Every mom and dad also needs some time alone to rest, relax and de-stress. Our baby monitor helps you do just that, and more! It delivers not only your infant’s crackles and crying sounds. With a functional video camera, it also displays real-time images to a 3.2 LCD screen…in full color!

This device features an..

When your child is sleeping and all the lights are off, the camera automatically shifts to night vision. It also comes with 8 lullabies to calm your baby down when he gets startled or uneasy.

It has a VOX function that you can turn on to conserve battery life. Although the monitor is in sleep mode, it gets activated with any sound it picks up from your baby.

Here are additional benefits you get from our video baby monitor:

👶 It supports multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Turkish & Russian)
👶 Intercom allows you to talk to your baby, or to give instructions to the nanny
👶 Interference-free and long-range signals let you take the monitor anywhere in the house without losing touch with your infant

Take your parenting to a whole new level. Add the Purple Safety Video Baby Monitor to your cart TODAY!👶 PORTABLE & EASY TO USE – No tedious installation and no tools or Wifi required! With user-friendly controls, our monitor allows convenient operation. Plus, you can transport it to any room in your home!
👶 SLEEP LIKE A BABY – With a 3.2 LCD screen and auto night vision moms and dads can constantly watch their baby and communicate with the two-way talk feature.
👶 BUILT-IN CALMING LULLABIES – This wireless monitor includes 8 built-in songs which you can play to help your precious one feel calm and fall fast asleep on their own.
👶 MAKE INFANTS COMFORTABLE – Ensure that your home or the nursery is warm or cool enough for your baby. The video monitor oversees the temperature in the room and can be switched between F° and C°.
👶 LONG BATTERY LIFE LASTS UP TO 20 HOURS – Get more surveillance time and spend less charging time. This device comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, especially in VOX or sleep mode.

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