PLAY X STORE 0.4X Super Wide Angle Lens + 2 in 1 Fisheye Lens & Macro Lens Universal 3 in 1 Clip For Mobile Phone/Notebook PC/ipad (BLACK)

Product Description:

0.4X super wide lens :

Expand the native viewing angle by 4X,The shooting angle is wider than ordinary wide lens.

Take photoes with large-scale scene,wider angle and more object in the image.

Imported optical glass to improve the light transmittance。Reduce the lens flare areas and without the dark corner.

Clear and bright picture quality,super wide angle and low distortion.

Light and handy:Only 28g,clip on your phone without burden.No effect in normol use of your phone.

Fisheye Lens:

The fisheye lens without restriction,for people,animal,landscape,etc.Take you into a funny world.

Distortion obviously in image,dark corner in surrounding is normal phenomenon.

Macro lens:

Incredible focal distance of 1/2″(13mm) for some amazing 10X macro shots.

The weeny detail presented immensely before your eyes.

Detacheble and portable:

Easy to install,just clip the lens with your devices,interchange lenses quicly,conveniently and save your time.

All lenses and clip can put into the clearing cloth bag,then put the bag in your hand or pocket.

The other use of the cloth bag is wisper,you do not have to prepare extra one.


The soft rubber in the clip for protect your screen,no damage in your phone and securer.


Work on most type of mobile phone that are not thicker than 13mm diameter.

One lenses kit for much devices.Not only phone,but notebook PC,ipad and so on.

Please note:

Make sure you do not block your light source.

When you turn on flash lamp may have effect in picture.

Macro lens: Show tiniest details,enlarge image by 10X clearly.
Super Wide 0.4X is easy to focus,hard to affected picture quality by dithering,Super wide angle and low distortion.
Detacheble,cloth bag makes portable,you can take photo with your devices at any time.
Fisheye Lens: Approximately 180 degree field of view.The feature of the lens is distort obviously in image.
Super Wide 0.4X: Expand the native viewing angle by 4X,photo scope is wider than 0.65X.Suitable for take a picture of large rangs,for party/travel/entertainment etc.

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