MCSTREE Hidden Security Camera: Home Security Camera| 150° Angle, Night Vision, Motion Detection Spy Mini Hd 1080p Camera| Wireless Ip Surveillance Camera For iPhone/Android/Ipad (Support 64G SD Card)

Product Description:
The #1 Mini Spy Camera 1080p Has Been Released To Help You Keep Record Of Everything That Goes On At Home!

Looking for a DISCREET way to record visits and conversations in your home environment without anyone knowing?

Have you had enough of flimsy surveillance cameras and mini spy gear with short battery life and poor recording performance?

MCSTREE secret spy camera is exactly what you need to safeguard your home against thieves and take control of every single move inside!

Introducing The Best Mini Spy Security Camera On The Market!

Designed in the perfect size and weight to fit in your pocket, backpack or desk drawer, this small hidden camera is the state-of-the-art way to keep track of everything at home!

The WIDE, full 150 degree lens and SOUND-SENSITIVE microphone will keep a detailed, crystal clear 1080p HD VIDEO & AUDIO recording, which you can watch on your computer by connecting to the home Wi-Fi network.

Enjoy MOTION DETECTION and the NIGHT VISION convenience any time of the day or night!

A Handy Spy Hidden Camera!

Save yourself the headache of complicated controls! The detailed, easy-to-follow INSTRUCTIONS included will make function a one-handed operation!

Simply charge the rechargeable battery in full within 2 hours, equip it with a 64G MicroSD card (not included), and toss it into your handbag!

Record the nanny, the kids and pets or any suspicious move at home, at the simple touch of a button and have concrete evidence at hand!

A Thoughtful Gifting Idea!

Handy, reliable and easy to operate, this portable hidden camera system makes a thoughtful gift made for the peace of mind of your loved ones!

So, Wait No More!
Click “Add To Cart” NOW! YOUR RELIABLE WIFI SURVEILLANCE CAMERA! Keep an eye on the kids at home, your naughty pets or the nanny and make sure everything runs smoothly with the #1 wireless surveillance camera! MCSTREE compact (6.5cm tall X 2.5cm wide X 2cm thick) mini spy cam will efficiently record anything going on at home and provide you with an audio and video recording on your computer, the DISCREET way!
CRYSTAL CLEAR AUDIO & VIDEO RECORDINGS! This secret security camera will record anything you need to know in HD 1080p video and crystal clear audio, with its WIDE 150 DEGREE LENS. Top quality microphone, MOTION DETECTION & NIGHT VISION will help you keep track of the slightest movement or the quietest whisper at home, turning your house into a secure fortress!
A PREMIUM QUALITY HIDDEN SURVEILLANCE CAMERA! When it comes to your home security, nothing less than the best is good enough! This is why we walk the extra mile to ensure the finest parts are used in our wireless hidden camera through the strictest quality controls. In this way, we make sure your indoor security camera won’t let you down when you need it the most!
A USER-FRIENDLY HIDDEN SPY CAMERA! Steer clear of difficult to use mini spy cameras that give you a headache in use! Save energy and time in your home surveillance with the clear INSTRUCTIONS included that will make operation a breeze. Then, connect to your home wifi network and to any computer via USB to watch your video stream live!
LONG LIFE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY! Record EVERYTHING you need thanks to the LONG-LIFE rechargeable battery of this stunning wireless surveillance camera! Fully charge in 2 hours and enjoy full 2HOURS of daytime video or 1.5 HOUR of night vision recording! Your secret camera can also work while charging – so you can use a charger or power bank to make sure your recording is not interrupted!

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