JBonest 1080P WiFi Camera Light Bulb Panoramic Camera with IR Motion Detection, Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Cloud Service for Home, Office, Baby, Pet Monitor

FAQ for camera:
Q: Why I can’t connect the bulb camera with my wifi?
A: Make sure your wifi is 2. 4G, some routers can emit 2. 4g and 5g wifi at the same time, when you connect, the light bulb camera would try to connect the 5g wifi first, so you got to shut down 5g wifi when connecting. And make sure your wifi name and password doesn’t contain any special character, cause the bulb camera can’t recognize the wifi if it contains special characters.

Q: Why I can’t save video after inserting an SD card?
A: Please insert the card when the camera is power off and choose the storage way as to store in SD card. 64GB and above memory card should be formatted to FAT32 format, contact customer service or check the instruction for format tool.

Q: How to shut down the indicator light?
A: There is an indicator light control option on the camera setting page, you can control it on/off by clicking the icon.

Q: How to turn on the LED light and adjust the brightness?
A: On the viewing page, you click the “bulb” icon, there will be a slide bar, you slide it to turn on LED light and control brightness.

Q: Can I close the light switch on the wall and keep the camera working?
A: No, the camera needs to be powering all the time, you can close the LED light via your phone but keep the camera working.Wireless connection: It supports 2. 4G Wi-Fi (doesn’t support 5G Wi-Fi), just download the app and you can easily set the camera as the prompt, Due to different routers have different features there may be some connection confusion, any connection problem contact customer service through your order page for help.
Blub camera: You can use it as a bulb and the brightness is adjustable, the light bulb wifi camera can light and keep an eye on your room, you control the light with the APP in your phone.
Night vision: You can have a good view even at night with the wifi camera, there are 3 IR lights and would automatically turn on when it detects dark environment, to have best viewing experience please tear The sheet on the camera before using.
Two way audio: The panoramic bulb camera allows you to communicate with the camera side whenever you want, convenient and practical.Can be used as a baby or pet monitor.
Motion detection: It will send you push when it detects movement, guard your home and keep an eye for you, you can set the time that needs to be detected as you like.

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