Halina Ansco Pix Flash 35mm Film Camera Vintage Point & Shoot Auto Focus

Ansco’s line of fixed focus, 35mm film cameras are wonderful as a small film backup in your pro gear bag or loaded with funky films for weddings and parties, or for a beginner, shooters dipping their toes in the film world. Their fixed apertures, 28mm lenses, and bright flashes mean almost everything is sharp and you can make a photo anywhere. The Pix Flash camera is black with red accents and includes a flash, a lens cover switch, and a hand strap. Shoots at a fixed shutter speed of approximately ~1/100th second and is wound manually.


28mm lens F/9.5 aperture Fixed focus Shutter Speed: ~1/100th / sec Requires 35mm film (not included) Requires 2-AAA batteries (not included)Manual-Winding
Flash with on/off switch
Frame counter

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