EShine Back Rear Camera Lens Cover Ring Replacement + Adhesive Preinstalled for Samsung Galaxy S5 V I9600 G900 fits G900, G900A, G900V, G900T, G900P, G900F, G900H, G900 R4, G9001, G9005(ALL CARRIERS) + Cloth

If the rear camera lens cover frame on your Samsung Galaxy S5 becomes damaged, it can interfere with the operation of your camera. The frame surrounds the rear camera and ensures it stays securely in place. To regain the ability to take and share pictures the way you love, purchase this Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Lens replacement today.PACKAGE CONTENT: 1 X CAMERA LENS,1X CAMERA COVER WITH ADHESIVE ATTACHED,1X ADHESIVE FOR LENS.DO NOT forget to remove protective plastic FILM from the lens No Instructions provided with this replacement. Comes with microfiber EShine cloth and in antistatic bag for safe transportation.Brand new and High quality.Lens made from REAL GLASS.
Perfect fit Guaranteed.3M Sticker PREINSTALLED on the lens and cover.
Complete Set Camera Lens Replacement.
Compatible with: SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 I9600 G900 G900A G900V G900T G900P G900F G900R4 G900H G9001 G9005.

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