Cell Phone camera lens kit for Iphone X 8, 8plus, 7, 6, Pixel 2, 2xl Galaxy S8, S7, with Case, attachment clip, zoom telephoto, fisheye, macro, wide angle and CPL lense set smartphone cellphone mobile

Includes Durable carrying case, carabiner and cleaning cloth.

0.63x Wide Angle Lens
» Great for capturing beautiful scenic shots, or large group photos *This lens requires the MACRO Lens
• 130 Degree angle
• 0.63x Magnification
• 2 Element 2 Group Lens Construction
• Lens Diameter: 20mm
• Length: 10mm

15x Macro Lens
» Used for taking extreme closeups of small objects like insects or flowers
• 15x Magnification
• 10-15mm Minimum Object Distance
• 1 Element 1 Group Lens Construction
• Lens Diameter: 20mm
• Length: 5mm

2x Telephoto Lens
» This Lens is for zooming in distant objects
• 48 Degree Angle
• 2x Magnification
• 2 Element 2 Group Lens Construction
• Lens Diameter: 20mm
• Length: 11mm

Circular Polarizer Filter (CPL)
» This Filter increases color, saturation, and reduces reflections. Create dramatic blue skies, or eliminate reflections for objects in the water
• 180 Degree Angle
• 1x Magnification
• Resolution – Axis: 300 LP/MM
• Resolution – Corner: 280 LP/MM
• Filter Diameter: 20mm
• Length: 5mm

198 Degree Fish-Eye Lens
» The Fish-Eye Lens shoots Cool shots with an Out of this world perspective!
• 180 – 200 Degree Angle
• 0.33X Magnification
• 3 Element 3 Group Lens Construction
• Lens Diameter: 25mm
• Length: 15mm
🎄 This Pro Grade Universal lens kit Works for all the hottest new Apple and Android phones and tablets including Iphone X Iphone 8 8plus 7 7plus 6 6s Samsung Galaxy S8 S8plus Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Google Pixel 2 Pixel 2XL LG V30 V30 plus One plus 5 One plus5t Etc…
🎄 Our lenses have PRO Grade coatings that help to reduce glare and distortion while enhancing color and sharpness. Great for hdr photos and 4K video. They also have an advanced alloy construction and use Pro Grade optical glass. NOTICE: Please note that the macro lens and wide angle lens will be screwed together in the package. The wide angle lens requires the macro lens to function. If you want to use the macro lens by itself you have to unscrew it from the wide angle lens.
🎄 Durable and reliable clip design. Dust proof and slip proof our clip uses an anti-slip pad to keep it firmly secured to your device as well as brass lens screw mount to keep the lens secure and free from corrosion or stripping. Great Christmas Gift Present Mobile Phone Stocking Stuffer for him or her
🎄 This is a great Christmas gift or Birthday gift for the amateur or pro photographer in your life. Due to innovations in mobile camera technology everyone has the ability to use their smart device as a creative outlet. This lens kit provides the creative tools to step your photo game up and enhance your portraits landscapes selfies group shots distance shots macro shots and more!
🎄 The kit includes a lens mounting Clip 0.63x Wide angle lens 15x Macro lens 2x Telephoto lens 198 Degree Fish-eye lens Circular Polarizer CPL convenient carrying case with carabiner microfiber lens cleaning cloth lens cap for each lens and instructions. We also back our kit with a quality guarantee and easy return policy.

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