Camcorder, Hausbell Camcorder with Wifi,HDV-5052 1920x1080p Digital Video Camera Camcorder with Infrared Night Vision, Touch Screen and HDMI Output (Golden)

Capture life’s important and memorable moments in rich detail and full sound with a video camera from Hausbell.
Having a video camera on hand lets you capture all those important moments that occur in life. Record child’s first soccer or basketball game, next family reunion and even get videos of kids opening their Christmas presents. You can’t go wrong with HAUSBELL Wifi Digital camcorders.

Main feature:
1. Capture exceptional detail with a large, ultra-sensitive 16 digital active zoom and 5MP CMOS sensor
2. Realistically capture your memories with a1920x1080p FHD
3. Enjoy bright, clear results even in low light with the Infrared Night Vision
4. Shoot in scene with 270 degree screen rotation LCD touch screen and add a sense of depth and clarity to all your movies
5. “iSmart TV” turn your Smartphone or tablet into a real-time remote to control the camcorder with wifi connection
6. Features a small wrist strap on one side that easily slide hand through to hold and control all the videos
7. Great camera for beginners and those who want something that is easy to use.

Troubleshooting step:
1. charging
Camcorder should be charged for 3-4 hours before using and make sure the battery is charged successfully. When the red light on the camcorder on, it means the battery is charging. When the red light flashes, the connection may be poor connected or the battery is defective. Customers who have this kind of problem can contact us and we will solve your problem with specific details.
2. If the camcorder cannot be charged.
Take out the battery and then charge the camcorder with the charger. Press the power button on the camcorder. If the camcorder turns on, the problem should be on the battery. If not, the problem should be on the charger.

Here at HASUBELL, we are working to provide specialized products to youChoose Hausbell, Choose Smart Life: join the 1 million+ supported by our industry-leading technology and customer-first service; industry-leading technology boasting multiple patents with a strong track record;
Wi-Fi Function: enable remote view, capture and video shooting: “iSmart TV” turn your smartphone or tablet into a real-time remote to control the camcorder;
Real-Time Broadcasting: record important events, like a wedding to be recorded under a variety of situations, including indoor scenes and nightscapes, in high definition 1080p quality service to share images with friends all over the world in real-time; (online real time broadcasting app is applied)
Multifuntion: capture your every happy minute of action with Hausbell wifi 3.0 inches touch TFT LCD camcorder; 30FPS 16X digital zoom camera DV; 270 degree Rotation Touchscreen; 5MP CMOS Sensor
Portable and Lightweight: Easy to carry around, perfect to be a gift and record the little drops of life and memorable moments.

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