Brandmotion 9002-7601 Dual Mount Universal Aftermarket CMOS Camera with Optional Parking Gridlines

This low-cost aftermarket CMOS camera is ideal if youre looking to save some money and for a non OEM solution. It features two unique mounting options. It can be installed behind the license plate or on a flat vehicle surface with minimal surface area requirements. It ships with two adjustable bracket options for your convenience and safety. The included harness is 33 feet long.This camera features parking gridlines and as an added bonus, these gridlines can be turned off during installation. The camera also features image reversing for forward mounting applications.CMOS Camera with Optional Parking Gridlines
Full Color Video Out – Working Voltage: DC 9-16V
Features Image Reversing for Forward Mounting Applications
Includes a 33′ Harness to Incorporate Into Larger Fleet Vehicles
Can Be Installed Behind the License Plate Or On A Flat Vehicle Surface
Full color video out
Working voltage: DC 9-16V

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