BoneView Trail Camera Viewer for Micro-USB Android Phones, SD & Micro SD Memory Card Reader to View Deer Hunting Photo or Video of any Motion Scouting Game Cam on Smartphone or Tablet

The BoneView SD Card Reader gives you the ability to view Trail Camera photos & videos on the way to your stand. It plugs into an Android Smartphone’s microUSB port to view all SD or microSD files from any Trail Camera. Born deep in the heart of Wisconsin’s bluff country, we are whitetail hunters with a “mad scientist” approach. Instead of relying on luck, rely on real, hard data. The most important is “right time” and “right place” data. This is why we developed BoneView. You can see what cameras are hot and make last second stand selections. This works with most later model Android devices. **iPhones are not compatible with this micro USB version – See other listing for iPhone/iPad card reader** HOW IT WORKS 1) “File Manager File Transfer” app needed to view, scan, save, or delete photos 2) Insert SD card into BoneView first, and then connect BoneView to microUSB charge port 3) BoneView will light and then start flashing as phone reads SD card files 4) With “File Manager File Transfer” app open to home screen, wait 10-15 seconds for “USBDriveA” to show up in the list – Then find trail files located in “DCIM” folder. *To view videos use app called “MX Player”. It’s best to copy the video file to the phone before viewing to improve playback quality. **Select “Safely Remove USB Device” from phone’s notification menu before disconnecting to avoid interrupting SD card Verify Compatibility of Android devices in the compatibility list included in the photos Don’t hesitate, try it out today. We back our product NO MATTER WHAT with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, so if the device just isn’t compatible – let us know and we will work with you to ensure you stay happy.This Orange card reader has the Micro-USB connection, and has the fastest chip-set on the market for reading SD and micro SD cards from game cameras
Compatible with most Micro-USB Android phones including Samsung, LG, Motorola, Google, Nexus, HTC, Sony and Droid – see phone list in photos to confirm (see other listing for New Android Oval Type-C USB version)
Compatible with ALL trail camera brands including Bushnell, Moultrie, StealthCam, Reconyx, Browning, Wild Game Innovations, Cuddeback, Covert, USA Trail Cams, and Cabelas
BoneView is designed specifically for hunters – View, Save, Share and Delete your trail cam pics and video with your phone! Our free app allows “swiping” from photo to photo, so you can view 100’s of photos in minutes
BoneView does NOT require internet or cell service (it will work in all remote areas) and it is powered by your phone – no batteries required

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