Bable Baby Monitor X1-Plus with Delay-Free Technology and TFT LCD Screen, 2.4GHz Baby Monitor with Camera, Infrared Night Vision, Two Way Talk

Here are suggestions from electronics experts on how to choose a great video baby monitor.
The baby monitor mainly has three measuring standard: delay, signal and picture clarity.
When most of baby monitors on the market were put together for testing, some screens were found to have serious delays, especially when the network environment is more complicated, and some may even delay 1-2 minutes. This is difficult for many users to measure, but Bable improved the technology to minimize the picture delay.
The strength of the signal determines the usage distance and stability of the product. After testing a large number of products, we found that the distance of lots of products can be used is about 30m in the indoor. Some products will lock the screen if there is no signal, no matter what happens, the screen will remain static. These products are particularly harmful to the user!!
The clarity of the picture depends mainly on the chip and the screen and also inversely proportional to transmission distance. As a product manager, my suggestion is not to excessive pursuit picture quality, for high-definition picture quality will make the signal channel too congested.
We have optimized our baby monitor to solve these issues. Minimize delay, increase signal strength, and improve picture quality by software. Aiming to design a product that has the strongest practicality and the highest cost performance.

Model: HA-01
Operating Frequency Range: 2400MHz-2483.5MHz
Operating Temperature Range: 0℃ – 40℃
Transmitting Power: 17dBm Max
Monitor Sensitivity: -88dBm
Type of Spread Spectrum TX: FHSS
Type of Modulation: GFSK
Date Rate: 3Mbps

Package contents:
Wireless Monitor x1
Wireless Camera x1
Monitor Adapter x1
Camera Adapter x1
User Manual x1
Corner Shelf x 1
Stand x1
DELAY-FREE Technology: Bable Delay-Free Technology offers stable signal connection, delay-free feedback of video & audio and anti-interference. Easier to use without WiFi
BABY SOOTHING: Bable baby monitor has night vision, temperature monitoring, two-way talk, well-designed lullabies and light soothing mode (without other light pollution) take care of your baby day and night
MORE UPGRADED: Optimize Power System to save more power; Enhanced camera clarity to catch high-definition picture; Audio-Only Mode will not disturb your sleep
RICH FEATURES: Zoom in / out, Sleep mode, Manual Pan (360 degrees) & Tilt (60 degrees), extra a corner shelf and a stand which is easy to install. You can use it anywhere, stay away from the crib, adjust the angle and height, and no more worry about your baby being out of your sight
QUALITY ASSURANCE: Bable ensures that all products have passed tests to give a safe and worry-free experience. Bable supports 90-day refund, 24-Month Warranty if you have any issue

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