B1612 Pro Effect

Some of the Features of B1612 Pro Effect, ie =
A. After the selfie pictures can be edited Directly without a matter of minutes, you can also use the default camera with a distinctive style B1612 Pro Effect, or one of the other nice selfie camera app such as, HD Camera, Camera360, B612, and others. Then import the good.
B. The photo in the edit into a photo with a different look and a new style to the make your photos wherever good and perfect.
C. Photo in photo blur in auto, and B1612 Pro Effect of this will be magic for the background and the foreground in the pretty second mode can be changed with more good as an HD Camera, Camera360, B612, and others,
D. Many tools the collection of B1612 Pro Effect. The Background Also blurs and fining for auto and easily share your photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see your friends and share the wonderful applications B1612 Pro Effect this editor
E. B1612 Pro Effect more comfortable than the other, not a promotion of exaggerated but in reality, like this,

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