Aberg Best 18 mega pixels HD Digital Camera – Digital video camera – Students cameras – Students Camcorder – Handheld Sized Digital Camcorder Indoor Outdoor for Adult /Seniors / Kids (silver)

Summer vacation gift for students

Budding filmmakers – create your HD masterpiece!

If you fancy yourself a bit of a Spielberg or Tarantino – if you find yourself yelling “cut!” during your son’s football match, climbing trees to get the best angle for your shot or rolling along on a skateboard in order to achieve a smooth panning shot – then you need an HD Digital Camera!

Despite the fact that all smartphones, tablets and cameras now have the ability to record video,take photos, sometimes there is just no substitute for the real thing. Our HD Digital Camera allows you to create high-quality HD movies, travel documentaries and music videos with the greatest of ease, even if the starring role goes to your five-year-old daughter while she sings ‘Blurred Lines’.

Lightweight and compact.

When filming your masterpieces, you don’t want to be weighed down by cumbersome equipment. That’s why we’ve made our Digital camera small enough to fit easily in your bag and light enough that you won’t notice it’s there!

Record easily onto memory cards for unlimited storage

While phones and tablets only give you so much storage space before you have to start deleting footage, the E-PLG HD Digital Camera records onto SD memory cards that you can easily swap when you want to keep recording or photos. That way you’ll be able to film your feature-length documentary about the perils of taking a two-year old on a camping holiday!

1) 1 month Money back guarantee if you don’t like our HD digital camera.
2) One Year quality issue warranty.

In the box

1) 1 piece digital camera
2) 1 piece 550 mAh lithium battery
3) 1 piece camera pouch
4) 1 piece user manual
5) 1 piece CD disk
6) 1 piece Mini 5PIN USB cable
7) 1 piece hang ropeThe applicable uses for this Digital Camera: digital still images, Web Cam, Play Back, Video record, voice reord and so on.
2.7″ TFT LCD display show you vivid video, 700mAh Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) rechargeable battery can support camcorder works more than 60 minutes.
18 mega pixels resolution for good capture, HD 720P resolution for recording, create your HD masterpiece!
Support External-Memory MAX 32G SD card. ( Not included )
STAR GUARANTEE: If for any reason you are not madly in love with this camera, you do not pay one thin dime! Your money will be refunded or you will be sent a replacement with absolutely No Questions Asked! 1 month Money back guarantee if you don’t like our HD digital camera.

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